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Looking for Xero Bookkeeper?

Accounting activity is one of the most prominent activities for any business across the globe. Gone are the days when accounting was a stack of papers piled on a table! With accounting software like Xero, it has also become very easy and compact. Xero accounting in India has become quite popular as the needs of the business are changing with the market. Xero is basically an accounting software that makes the whole process simple and is also GST compiled. Though it’s simple, it’s always better to leave the accounting stuff for an expert. We, at Meru Accounting, provide Xero bookkeeping service to our clients in India, and also have many clients based in U. S, U. K, Australia and New Zealand. We are also Xero Certified Advisor and have expertise in the Xero bookkeeping service.

What to look for in Xero Certification?

Based on your business or accounting requirements, there are various certifications Xero provides. Some of which are Xero Advisor Certificate, Xero Payroll Certificate, Xero Migration Certificate, etc. So, when you look for Xero certification, first, identify your need that why you are opting for the software. If you want to start your entire accounting process in Xero, Advisor certification suits you the best. Meru Accounting has already achieved Xero Advisor certification and is one of the Xero experts in India.

Use of Xero in India:

Xero Bookkeeping service is already popular in countries like U.S, U.K, Australia, etc. but with changing time, Xero accounting in India has also got fame. There are many Xero experts in India, and Meru Accounting is one of them. As a part of our outsourcing accounting services to the clients in foreign countries, we provide quality Xero bookkeeping services to our clients in India as well.

In recent past, Xero accounting in India has gain popularisation, and accountants, as well as CPAs, are moving forward to Xero bookkeeping services from other accounting software previously in use. Xero is cloud-based software and lets users access the data from anywhere which was not there in other software being used, and that has been proved to be a positive aspect for businesses in India.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Partners in Xero:

Xero bookkeeping service also provides you with various benefits based on your partnership level. These partnership levels are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, which you can get by earning points. In Xero, a partner gets access to Xero education, marketing support, and free software as well. As a Xero partner, when you accept an advisor’s invitation and subscribe any client to Xero Business, Xero Cashbook, Xero Payroll and more, you will earn points. These points are defined as status partnerships; bronze (25-74), silver (75-299), gold (300-999) and platinum (1000+). Each partnership has several benefits like a dedicated Xero manager, digital marketing toolkit, access to accelerated programs, etc.

Why is Xero good for Indian business?

Xero Accounting in India has gained vast spread because of its unique and helpful features that are based on cloud accounting. Its bookkeeping services are a bunch full of features that are user-friendly, simple to use and flexible. Xero accounting software is also affordable. It lets its users customize the software according to their requirements and nature of businesses.
Till now, Indian businesses were using software based on traditional accounting but as they are growing, the dimensions of accounting are also shaping up. So keeping their new demands in perspective, Xero bookkeeping service is the best suitable option for them, mainly because of its cloud support and simple functionalities.

Setting up GST in Xero:

A user can also set up GST (Good and Service Tax) in Xero. After adding GST registration and account, Xero automatically adds that GST account and tax rate in invoices paid, spend money transactions, receive money transactions, and more. Xero provides users with a tab to get the invoice inclusive or exclusive of taxes, also in GST; It provides options of the tax rate, zero-rated, and zero GST options for the convenience of users.

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