Where Do We Serve?

Meru Accounting understands that every country has different laws & techniques of accounting and different tax structures. We always update the changes made in any of the countries. We update the tax calculation methodology according to the tax policies of all the countries. We also prepare your financials for the year-end, so that you can claim for your tax returns according to the taxation policies.


We provide the following services to our Australian clients.

  • Keeping your accounts updated daily
  • Keeping your financials for the year-end
  • Manage as well as track BAS for you
  • Managing the PAYG Tax of your employees
  • Customised monthly reports curated just for you
  • Setting up Xero and Quickbooks for you to de-burdens your shoulders

We provide our bookkeeping services to the clients at the rate of AU $13 per hour.

United States

We provide the following services to our United States clients.

  • Accrual basis of accounting
  • Updated information about US GAAP and IFRA regulations and works accordingly
  • Account payable and receivable management system for you
  • Calculation of sales tax and sales tax return on your behalf
  • Reconciliation of all your invoices and receipts to manage your cash flow properly

Our services to United States clients are only at the rate of US $10 per hour.

United Kingdom

We provide the following services to our United Kingdom clients.

  • Day to day updating of books of accounts
  • Payroll management
  • Submission of CIS returns to SMRC
  • Calculations and claiming of VAT returns on your behalf
  • Management reports monthly

New Zealand

We provide the following services to our New Zealand clients.

  • GST compliant services
  • Preparation of final records and reports for the year-end
  • Accounting through cloud-based software
  • Readying reports for the tax submission and GST returns


We provide the following services to our Singapore clients.

  • Keeping your books updated daily
  • Timely and accurately prepare GST returns to file to IRAS and claim sales returns
  • Prepare monthly management reports so that you can always view your business
  • Prepare year-end reports being present at the time of the tax submission
  • Setting up accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks for you

Our services for the Singapore clients are at the rate of only S $10 per hour.