Convert to Xero from another Accounting Software

Xero Bookkeeping Services in India – Meru Accounting is a leading bookkeeping firm in India that also expertises in XERO accounting software. We are Xero certified and have served many businesses with it effectively. We also help our clients to choose the best add-on option on XERO software.

At Meru Accounting, we help a business convert to Xero. We have a pre-defined checklist for converting a client from your legacy software to Xero.

We have also set up many companies on Xero and a pre-defined checklist for setting up the client on Xero.

Here you can download XERO Manual for your reference:

XERO Manual

For complete financial reporting we would help you to find out which add-on would suit for your business on Xero.

Steps we would follow to convert to Xero

  • Analyze the business and its reporting requirements
  • Analyze the bookkeeping system in legacy software
  • GAP analysis of reporting in legacy Software
  • Incorporating class tagging in Xero
  • Importing of all the data into Xero and reconciling bank balances
  • Entering comparatives
  • Going live and user training
We help our clients handle and manage their bookkeeping records with the help of Xero. Businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses, need to give extra care to every aspect of their companies to expand it. Therefore, they cannot always focus all their energy, although they cannot entirely ignore it as well. In that case, Xero comes to their rescue. It helps them manage their books of accounts. It is also a cloud-based software. So, this gives the benefit of accessing their data from anywhere and at any time.

Xero assists with its variety of features to every aspect of your business finances. From bookkeeping and cloud-based accounting to bank reconciliation, asset management, inventory as well as invoicing performance dashboards, and many more. Like us, Xero also serves and is compatible with industries like retails, e-commerce, healthcare, farming, construction, hospitality, and many others.

So, switch to Xero today with the assistance of Meru Accounting and get advantage of  Xero Bookkeeping Services in India.

Xero Add Ons from Meru Accounting



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