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Outsource Payroll Processing Service in India.

Outsource payroll processing service in India

Payroll process services

Handling payroll of the business is a daunting and stressful task, taking away your productive hours in a work that doesn’t generate profit for your business. The complexities increase more with dynamic rules and regulations of the payroll management. It also required frequent software updates and acquaintance with new tools that make it a tedious chore.

Why not outsource payroll processing to Meru Accounting? Just share your payroll data with us, and we will provide accurate and confidential payroll processing services.

You can share payroll data over the phone or via email/chat. Meru accounting experts do payroll calculations and taxable amounts for employers and employees. We offer easy-to-understand payroll checks & reports shared with our clients using cloud services.

Meru Accounting- A trusted outsourcing payroll services in India

With more than 5 years of experience of payroll expertise across the globe, Meru Accounting has been providing outsourcing payroll service to businesses of any size and across different industry segments. We provide cloud payroll that can be scale up or down depending on the size of the business. Whether you have 50 plus employees or 1000 plus employees – our service is tailored according to our client’s needs.

Our payroll management services provide end-to-end payroll processing to put your HR efforts more into core business and employee engagement. Rest all your payroll concerns on trusted payroll experts.

Benefits of outsourcing payroll services to Meru.

Our payroll experts ensure the smooth and efficient running of payroll for our clients. We get paid by your people on time and accurately so you HR can get rid of this time-consuming and tiring process. Our payroll management services are updated and compliant with changing rules and regulations wherever your business operates.

Outsourcing payroll to us to get:

  • Calculation of payroll taxes.
  • Ensure timely, accurate, and compliant payroll.
  • Real-time access to your payroll data.
  • Cloud end-to-end processing services.
  • Timely and accurate processing and filing of quarterly returns (Form 24Q and Form 27A).
  • Payroll compliances – Provident Fund, Professional tax, EIS, etc.
  • Best payroll software integration services.
  • Payroll reports.
  • Mobile Accessibility.

Why us?

Global presence

We use the latest cloud technology to calculate the payroll process. We have a globally present so, you can avail yourself of our services from any part of the world. We have a professional expert team who can easily handle the lawsuits and complaints of any country.


With us, you save a substantial amount of business costs. We charge hourly rates to our clients. Thus, our billable amount is only limited to the hours of quality service provides. Outsourcing Payroll Company in India maintains highly skilled and experienced professionals to serve payroll management.

Accuracy and Reduce Risk

We use an automated solution for payroll processing that ensures accurate payroll calculation. Thus, it avoids the need for double or cross-checks of payroll. Our dedicated team maintains accuracy at every level and error-free payroll processing.

Data protection

Payroll data consists of several sensitive and confidential information. Thus, data security is the most sought concern for our clients. And to deal with the risky situation, we secured our service with cutting-edge encryption technology.

Speak to our experts to outsource your payroll service to us